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San Ferdinando - RC
Italy (89026)
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Presentation TEC.AL.CO.

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TEC.AL.CO. (TEChnology ALuminum COnductors) is an industrial company at high technological content specialized in the production of aluminum wires, multiwire, rigid and flexible ropes for the electrical conduction.

Tecalco is located in the industrial area of Gioia Tauro (RC), nearby one of the most important port terminals of the Mediterranean Sea. The company is the result of a highly innovative project in the Aluminum Technology field that led it to be considered the first plant in Europe exclusively dedicated to the production of aluminum conductors and its alloys (thanks also to the experience of some of its founders operating in the aluminum drawing field since 1979).

The main production plant- having an annual production capacity of 10.000 tons- lays on an area of 36.000 sq. m - which includes an industrial shed of 9.000 sq. m, a building of 1.000 sq. m destined to offices and laboratories as well as a building of over 100 sq. m for the caretaker’s residence.

In addition to large areas designed for material handling and storage, the shed includes the production lines composed by:

- A wire-drawing section composed by a double-wire rod breakdown machine (15 steps), a single-wire rod breakdown machine (6 steps) and two multi-wire drawing machines (16 wires and 8 wires in parallel)

- A section for the production of ropes including a set of bunching machines and a ropemaking line composed by 4 in line cages for 6,12,18 and 24 DIN 630 reels.

- A heat treatments section composed by two electric furnaces for the annealing process.

The manufacturing process, with the existing technology, gives the conductors electromechanical performances that shall ensure adherence to the limitations imposed by the most stringent regulatory and technical officially recognized standards (CEI, UNI, ASTM, BS, NF, DIN, ...).

The quality of products is guaranteed by the presence of a R&D center staffed with engineers and researchers continuously committed in the monitoring and improvement of the production parameters, and it is tested in an in-house laboratory equipped with modern and sophisticated measuring instruments (electronic weighing scales (REWS), measuring bridges, digital micrometers, electron microscopes,...)

The strategic factor that makes the company highly competitive is mainly represented by the innovative and sophisticated drawing technology (Multi Wire Drawing Technology) which allows the simultaneous production of multiwire in parallel banks up to 16 wires, having a diameter from 0,120 mm up to 0,800 mm at a drawing speed higher than the other existing industrial methodologies.

The introduction of such technology led to a considerable reduction in aluminum wire drawing processing costs and it provided an important contribution to the spread of electrical cables made of aluminum conductors in replacement of copper cables (more expensive and with a higher environmental impact). The company has a series of certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Compliance Program 231/2001) that are crucial in a sector in which the quality of the product (and its relevant certification) is considered as a key element for the acquisition and the maintaining client relationships having an high organizational standing.