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Italy (89026)
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Presentation TEC.AL.CO.

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TEC.AL.CO. (Aluminium Conductor Technology) is an industrial company at high technological content which produces aluminium stranded conductors and wires for electrical conductivity. Located in the industrial area of the Gioia Tauro Port, the company is the result of a highly innovative plan in the field of Aluminium Technology.

The establishment lays on an area of 36.000 square meters which contains an industrial shed of 9000 square meters and a building of 1000 square meters used as office spaces and laboratories. The shed includes, some areas used as goods storage and handling. The production lines consisting of: a wire drawing sector which consists of a bifilar rod breakdown machine and two multi wire drawing machines, one of 16 wires and the other of 8 wires; a sector for the flexible stranded conductors production which consists of a set of bunching machines and of a double single twist machine; a sector for class 2 stranded conductors production made up of two in line cages for 6 reels and 12 reels DIN 630; a sector for thermal treatment which consists of 2 electric furnaces for annealing processes.

The production process, with the current technology, grants the conductors electromechanical improvements that guarantee to exceed the limits (resistivity, breaking load/elongation) assigned by the most rigid technical strands norms and has an annual capacity of 10.000 tons. The quality of the products is ensured by the presence of a Development and Research centre constituted by 5 research engineers constantly engaged in improving and monitoring production parameters. The strategic factor that makes the company highly competitive is mainly represented by an innovative and sophisticated wire drawing technology that permits the simultaneous multi wire production (Multi Wire DrawingTechnology) on some parallel tables that form up to 16 wires, having a diameter of approximately 0,160 mm to 0,800 mm per wire. The wire drawing speed is superior than the other existing industrial methodologies.

The introduction of such a technology determines a significant reduction on working cost of aluminium drawn products and represents an important contribution to the diffusion of electrical cables which have aluminium conductors as a substitute of copper cables that are more expensive and have a higher environmental impact. The range of products offered by TEC.AL.CO. is represented by wires, multi wires (up to 16 wires), aluminium strands, flexible and class2 stranded conductors, its alloys and bi–metallic ones (aluminium and steel).

The factory is in a position to guarantee the compliance of its own products in accordance to the officially recognized standards (CEI, UNE, ASTM, BS, NF, DIN…) or to technical specifications defined with customers, in order to certify the requisites through a modern inner laboratory where measurement test are conducted.