Tecnologie Industriali Srl

via Indipendenza, 37
Romano di Lombardia - BG
Italy (24058)
Tel: +39 0363 800066
Fax: +39 0363 800067
Contact person:
Lamera Michele
Presentation Tecnologie Industriali Srl

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Tecnologie Industriali srl is a dynamic young company which specializes in the production of turnkey industrial systems, constantly updating its range to meet the ever more demanding needs of its clients, supplying one of the most complete services available on the market today. Our established skills, born of the ten years of experience of our founders and our staff, ranging from consultancy to design, to the production of custom solutions in the field of industrial systems for the metallurgy and galvanic sectors, chemical and the construction of large structures and public spaces. The special features of our systems are based upon constant attention to environmental aspects, a subject which we approach with great commitment starting with the selection of materials used in production, to the installation of said systems. Our systems make workplaces healthier and increase the quality of the environment, which is precious to us all.

Industrial systems are based upon careful design which must meet precise technical, constructional and dimensional criteria in compliance with regulations in force. Our technical staff, equipped with the most up-to-date graphic processing software and vast experience in a variety of application fields in which we normally operate, develop detailed projects with skill and professionalism for the production of systems, facilitating the installation and start-up phases. A further fundamental service supplied by Tecnologie Industriali srl.

Systems, being of diverse complexity, always require maintenance. Tecnologie Industriali srl, thanks to its highly qualified staff, guarantees focused and efficient after-sales service through the scheduling of maintenance. Furthermore, we are able to connect every system with head office through communication networks, monitoring values and signalling functional problems, therefore ensuring fast intervention and significant savings in running costs. The important diversification of our activity, together with the high level of preparation of our technical staff have consolidated our ability to supply our commercial partners with after sales support which is of the highest quality. Selection and knowledge of the most innovative materials during the design phase, and the wealth of experience in numerous sectors combine to give us the ability to meet the needs of all of our clients with competence and professionalism.