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Presentation TECNOVO Drawing Lubricants (TKT Group)

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Tecnovo has been producing lubricants and auxiliary chemicals for wire drawing and processing since 1945.

Tecnovo provides full and prompt technical assistance which starts with the selection of the right products and goes right through to testing on the customer's plant with its own specialist personnel.  


Excellent results in absolute safety.  



This new salt for wire drawing preparation is 100% free from borax and from boron derivatives. Thanks to an exclusive formulation it interacts with the wire drawing lubricant and gives improved lubrication on the surface of wire and wire rod compared to normal products.



These innovative sodium based wire drawing lubricants are 100% free from borax, boron derivatives and from nitrites. They drastically reduce dust in the working environment, cut consumption and eliminate product waste.



This calcium based lubricant is 100% free from titanium dioxide. As demonstrated by rigorous tests conducted by leading companies, this substance causes serious difficulties with subsequent wire treatments including pickling, annealing, coating and wet wire drawing and it exerts a severe abrasive action on capstan coatings. Titanium dioxide is also under observation for suspected danger to humans.



Emulsifiable oils for wet wire drawing made from natural products and renewable sources. This product line is already a high quality international leader, subject to constant improvement and with a broad range of products for different wire drawing applications.