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The name TEXERA has been synonymous with high quality yarn guides for more than 60 years and during this period we have constantly developed new ceramic bodies and different surface finishes to cope with the ever-increasing diversity of modern yarns and working conditions.

The most recent addition to our wide range of ceramics specifically developed for textile applications is POLYCRYSTALLINE SAPPHIRE. Although somewhat harder and longer-lasting than A997 alumina, its prime advantage is the perfectly smooth, flawless surface which makes it a superb body for micro and super micro yarns and other fragile and sensitive yarns. The guides already available in this body are marked PCS against the photographs and it is anticipated that a further 20 or 30 will be available soon. Many of the existing tools are suitable for PCS manufacture so if you see an alumina guide in the catalogue which you would like in PCS, please let us know and we shall assess the possibility.

But it is not only the body which is important; SURFACE FINISH is becoming an increasingly significant factor in the choice of the correct guide and the well known convention of matt finish for flat yarn and polish finish for textured yarn no longer necessarily applies in all cases. The type of polish, the type of matt, the grain size and crystalline structure are all important, even the negative or positive surface charge has sometimes to be taken into consideration.The hardest material is not always the best in any given situation and no single body is suitable for all applications. Since our ceramics are developed solely for textile applications, we are in a position to offer a very wide range of alternative solutions.