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TRT was established in 2000 to provide machine shops and companies in the steel industry with simple and functional solutions to optimize the information flow in internal logistics.

Every day, in production plants and industrial warehouses, operators are required to exchange a large amount of paper information. These are crucial documents for every company: nevertheless the risk of losing or ruining them is very high.

To prevent the issue, TRT has designed a complete range of products for the identification, labelling, and storage of notes, technical sheets, and documents.
The current offering includes: magnetic document display pockets, label holders for metal containers, notice boards, and machinery, as well as clip envelopes for wire mesh containers, and more.

Why choose TRT solutions?

- Easy application: TRT products are easy to handle even with work gloves and on reduced surface area.
- Reusable: multi-purpose and versatile without the need for dedicated printers.
- High degree of protection: documents are protected from dirt and damage.
- Inexpensive: low unit cost allows for considerable savings in management costs.
- Customizable: available in many sizes and colors.


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