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Klint Williams
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Universal Punch Corp. is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, has been a leader in the tooling and gauging industry for nearly four decades. As part of our continuing commitment to providing precision and excellence in all of our products we have expanded into a state of the art 65,000 sq. ft. facility. Our spacious new plant is equipped with increased machining capacity, expanded heat treating department, calibration and inspection laboratory. Our laboratory ensures that all products sold conform to ISO 17025 standards. All measuring equipment and gauging masters are directly traceable to N.I.S.T.

SERVICES: Universal Punch Corp. is a high precision tool and gauge manufacturer using high tech applications to make a wide range of products to meet today’s increased demands for superior performing tools and high precision gaging. Our modern vacuum heat treating facility provides the control necessary to make tools with highest structural integrity, which will withstand the severest heading application of warm or cold forming. In addition, complete inventories of standard tooling are available for immediate delivery in a variety of materials, finishes and coatings.

TOOLING: popular drive systems with worldwide inventories, such as Phillips, P-Z Drive, Type 1A, SupaDrive, Six & Eight-Point Drives, Twelve-Point, ISO Hexalobular, Six-Lobe, Allen Hexagon, Double Hexes, Penta Drive, Square Drive, Indented Hexagon, Combinations, Spline Drive, Tamper Proof, NAS Cruciform, Star type forms and custom forms. 

GAGING: Go/No-Go, Penetration, Final Inspection, Plug Gages, Concentricity Gages, Thickness, Driver Bit, Recess, Wobble, Screw Recess, Screw Testing Fixtures, Runout, Protrusion Height, Varable Reading Thread Gages, Special Modular Gaging Fixtures, SPC Data Collection Systems and Gage Calibration Service.

SPECIALTIES: We have full time engineering staff using AutoCAD and SolidWorks CAD/CAM software for drawing and CNC machine programming. Our manufacturing processes consist of a large number of special five and six axis CNC Form Ginders, CNC Mill/Turning Lathes, Mills, Swiss Screw Machines, Wire EDM and conventional EDM to ensure quality and reliability of products. We have a full in-house lab, temperature and humidity controlled for customer calibration of gauges, SIP 305 and Video Microscope.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICES: Universal Punch Corp. is dedicated to the global marketplace. Agents or distributors located in United States, Mexico, North America, Canada, South America, England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, India, South Korea, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan and Australia are ready to assist you.

ACHIEVEMENTS: ISO 9001/2008 by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. with quality emphasis on compliance to ISO Guide 25, the development of the two-piece hex punch system and later the 6-Lobe/Hexalobular system, special Medical Driver Dystems, along with the patented Concentricity Gauge and various fastener gauges are just some of our achievements.

WEBSITES: www.universalpunch.com ; www.concentricitygage.com ; www.six-lobe.com ; www.variablethreadgages.com ; www.hexalobular.com