Windak Group

Fehring -
Austria (A-8350 )
Tel: + 43 664 856 24 84
Contact person:
Dieter Gerger
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Windak, specializing in automatic packaging equipment, is one of the most renowned players in the wire & cable industry.
The company was established in Sweden in 1994, and its first significant lead was no less than Volvo for a complete pallet handling packaging system. From 1994 onwards, the corporate portfolio has grown to include fiber optic cable high-speed rewind lines, fully automatic spooling lines, versatile coiling lines, a multitude of palletizers, and innovative coiling solutions for cable packaging.

Windak aims at providing its customers with the best packaging solutions: in this regard, the enterprise has always invested in innovation and quality, offering first-class service while exceeding expectations and requirements.

The name “WINDAK” is, in fact, an acronym that represents the corporate identity in a nutshell:

W – We are one team
I – Innovate for a smarter future
N – No compromises in quality
D – Deliver on time
A – Achieve our goals
K – Keep growing

Starting in Sweden, the business has expanded into many other facilities all over the world, from Europe to Australia - Windak is now the largest supplier of automatic packaging equipment for the cable industry in North America.