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Steel pressed reels for wire and cable

Product categories: Reels, wire carriers and capstans 

Steel pressed reels for wire and cable

By Appiani Reels

Of simple construction, they are very strong although beeing of low tare weight.These reels are available in small or medium series construction and cover almost every requirement.

BCG - Steel Pressed Reels with a Single Flange- These reels are suitable for insulated cables, wires and metallic cords. - more details...

BF - Pressed Reels with a Double Ribbed Flange - These reels are suitable for fine wires, delicate insulated cables, and for high load carrying ability. - more details...

BPS - Reels with a Double Pressed Flange - These are suitable for both high velocity and load carrying operations and specialy suited for wire drawing machines. - more details...

BCL - Light Series Pressed Reels - Suitable wire for staples. Reels can be fitted with bearings.
- more details...

BAP - Pressed Reels with a Double Ribbed Flange
- Suitable for any kind of wires and insulated cables, also for high loading capacity. - more details...


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