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Software BLM

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Software BLM

The demand for ever greater efficiency and simplification to cope with increasingly complex designs is satisfied with a completely new response consisting in the creation of a new approach to tube design and processing.

The BLM GROUP, the only company in the world to be present on the international market with high-level solutions in multiple technologies (laser cutting, disc cutting, bending, shaping and end cropping) bridging these technologies and presenting the concept of multi technology design.

To favour this new approach, the tools for CAD/CAM design, programming, production planning and management of the tube processing machines have been integrated with many new features.

Thanks to these, it is now possible to generate information, measurements and compensations that are useful in defining the machine programs required to obtain complex curved and cut workpieces (laser cutting or disc cutting).

As a result there is an improvement in the quality of the workpieces, a better exploitation of the machines and an additional reduction of waste (in many cases there is no waste at all).