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Large size reel for cables, ropes and strands - BAL

Product categories: Reels, wire carriers and capstans 

Large size reel for cables, ropes and strands - BAL

Large size reel with flanges obtained from corrugated plate. The available sizes are as per DIN 46391 /46395 specifications or as indicated by the Customer, for a normal use up to 3200 mm of flange diameter. Reels of this kind can be supplied in knocked-down in order to lower transport costs.
Indicated for cables, ropes and strands. To be used on a process or for shipping purposes.

Available on request:

- stiffened version for use on a Drumtwister
- dynamic balancing up to 1600 mm of flange diameter
- smooth internal flange surface
- hardened replaceable bushings of the central bore
- painting
- hot galvanizing
- stainless steel version
- drilled drum
- lifting eyebolts
- internal scroll for cable positioning identification plate
- document holder pocket
- system of stave fixing on flanges
- external ring