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Cater Pullers

Product categories: Various rope-making machines 

Cater Pullers

Cater Pullers are used as a means of providing consistent pull of conduit and cables, usually as the product is exiting out of a prior process such as armoring or extruding, or even from a pay-off. They can pull a wide variety of flat or round armor as large as 5" in diameter, and as small as 1/4" in diameter. Our Cater Pullers come with different styles of belts, depending on the application.

Key Features
CALMEC developed Cater Pullers with significant feature benefits including AC Flux Vector Drives, pneumatic compression and tension control.

Display Scaling
CALMEC can provide a meaningful ratio display to suit the application. For example, if conduit or armored cable is run, we can display convolutions per foot/meter of product.

Operator Interface
Our machines have a fully programmable operator interface, which can display any pertinent data, permit electronic gear ratios, and provide display scaling. Length measuring and line speed is also provided.

Reduced Maintenance
The use of a flux vector AC drive system eliminates the higher maintenance DC motor. The only item that ever needs changing is the belt.

Minimum/Maximum Product Diameters: 1/4" - 5"
Maximum Speed: 20 FPM to 1000 FPM application dependent
Belt Contact Length: 20"-36" depending on series
Drive Type: Single Motor AC Flux Vector