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Product and/or service specifications

Coil winders

Product categories: Take-ups and winders for ropes, braids and strands Spoolers, winders and coilers for cables and optical fibers 

Coil winders

Coil Winders are used for production winding of small coils of cable or conduit, generally under 1000' in length. They can be operated individually or be remotely controlled as auxiliary equipment in a process line.
CALMEC's Coiling Stations are multi-head machines that are used in a continuous line run. A pneumatic final length cutter is used for cutting the end of a wound coil, while a cable clamp is used to secure the product and to prevent unwinding. Clutches are used to activate and deactivate the shaft drives, which are product tension controlled. A digital ratio controlled traversing guide sheave subassembly ensures accurate layering of product.

Reduced Maintenance
All the wear items on our collapsible heads are hardened for longer life. As well, the head/shaft subassemblies are easy removable. Our proportionally pressure adjusted slip clutches on our automatic build-up drives reduce clutch wear.

Minimum/Maximum Cable Diameters: 1/4" - 1"
Maximum Speed: application dependent
Min / Max Coil Size: 2"-7" Wide , 36" O.D. - 6" I.D.
Drive Type: Single Motor

Key Features

Collapsible Heads
CALMEC can supply a collapsible head to suit the end product size required, whether it is the drum or outside diameter, or the width. All our heads are width adjustable from 2" -7 ", and are quick change removable

On units where traversing is required to achieve good lay characteristics, a digital ratio controller is used to provide a consistent and accurate lay. The operator need only input the product diameter. Traverse speed is synchronized to the incoming line speed, and corrected through encoder feedback.

Reel Build Up Compensation
In some cases it is important to maintain consistent product tension during the coil winding process. CALMEC achieves this on its Coil Winders by proportionally adjusting the clutch pressure on the shaft drive.

Multiple Drive Alternatives
Whether operated individually or speed synchronized to a line process, Calmec can supply both AC or DC drive alternatives. In a self-contained unit, the unit can operate in either speed or torque mode.