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Conduit Machines

Product categories: Various rope-making machines 

Conduit Machines

Conduit Machines are used for the continuous production of flexible square profile and fully interlocked conduit, for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. They can produce a wide variety of round conduit up to 4 1/2" in diameter, and as small as 1/2" in diameter. CALMEC produces 2” and 4” machines, with a 6” machine in development, at speeds up to 1200 RPM. All our machines come standard with a multiple flux vector motor drive system, similar to our Armoring Machines; no differentials or gearboxes to maintain. Machines can handle 12” wide pads with weights up to 1,800 lbs.

Revolutionary Tooling

CALMEC incorporates Solidworks 3-D design software to precisely design and detail tooling requirements for the high complexity involved. Multiple convolution rollers replace conventional curlers or pigtails. Machines come standard with dual roller set head arrangements, with optional triple roller set heads for fully interlocked product requirements.

Ancillary Equipment

To complement a Conduit Machine, Calmec manufactures a complete range of auxiliary equipment that complete the process, including Cater Pullers, Breaking Roller Assemblies, Length Measuring Units, as well as Vertical Dancers and Take-Ups.