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Product and/or service specifications

Measuring Units

Product categories: Measuring and testing equipment 

Measuring Units

CALMEC produces both belt and wheel style length measuring units in different sizes. Measuring can be done bi-directionally with various formats. All units have encoder feedback to a pre-determined counter, which can be programmed to suit the customer's requirements. All belts/wheels to product contact can be either weight set or pneumatically pressure adjustable. Height adjustment is permissible on all pedestal units.
Our Belt Measuring Units permits dual belt contact with a maximum 4" diameter product over a 9" contact distance. The use of pre-tensioned steel reinforced timing belts ensures long life with little wear. Consistent measuring is thus maintained with little recalibration required. Changeover of belts is quick without the use of any tools.
Our Wheel Measuring Units consist of dual large and small diameter urethane coated wheels, which maintain a longer life than the belt style units. Different wheel sizes are available to suit various product size ranges. Entry and exit vertical and horizontal rollers maintain product alignment

Minimum/Maximum Product Diameters: 1/8" - 4" Belt    1/8" - 6" Wheel
Maximum Speed: 2500 FPM
Accuracy +/- 0.05% average

Key Features

Belt Measuring Unit
- steel reinforced polyurethane timing belts for long life
- long belt to product contact area
- optional belt pressure adjustable
- encoder feedback to pre-determined counter
- belts are quickly changed and tension adjustable
- horizontal and vertical entry and exit rollers for positioning product

Wheel Measuring Unit
- polyurethane coated wheels ensure extremely long life
- larger products permitted
- more than a point-to-point contact with a large and small wheel arrangement
- encoder feedback to pre-determined counter
- horizontal and vertical entry and exit rollers for positioning product