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Wire and cable armoring machines

Product categories: Taping machines 

Wire and cable armoring machines

Armoring Machines are used for the production of flex pipe conduit and armored cables. They can produce a wide variety of flat or round armor as large as 4" in diameter, and as small as 1/4" in diameter. CALMEC produces 1 ¼” 2” and 4” machines, at speeds up to 1400 RPM. All our machines come standard with a multiple flux vector motor drive system; no differentials or gearboxes to maintain. Optional servo motor technology now available.

Reduced Maintenance           

By incorporating major new design features into our machines, CALMEC has eliminated many mechanical wear parts which traditionally require replacing. These improvements decrease downtime and increase productivity, while improving operator conditions and effectiveness. Our multiple motor flux vector AC drive system itself eliminates high maintenance differentials and gearboxes, slip rings, mechanical PIV’s, and all the extra pulleys, belts and shafts that form such a system. Pneumatic chucking of coils is another example of how CALMEC machines outperform the competition. Hardened tooling and critical components means longer life and less maintenance.

Ancillary Equipment

To complement an Armoring Machine, Calmec manufactures a complete range of auxiliary equipment that complete the process, including Cater Pullers, Capstans, Coiling Stations, Roto-Splitters, Length Measuring Units, as well as Pay-Offs and Take-Ups