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Aluminum Furnaces: Basketless Heat Treating System (BHTS®)

Product categories: Treatment equipment and furnaces 

Aluminum Furnaces: Basketless Heat Treating System (BHTS®)

The marketplace has put increasing demands on manufacturers to reduce costs and increase product quality. Can-Eng Furnaces’ New Basketless Heat Treating System has been engineered to meet these on-going and ever increasing production challenges.
Can-Eng’s BHTS® eliminates the need for product conveying baskets, carriers, trays or fixtures which require continuous repairs and replacement, reducing capital costs and greatly reducing energy consumption requirements. Options also exist for unique conveyor or rotary system layouts which can be integrated into lean manufacturing cells.


- Reduction of energy usage lowering $/kg to process
- Eliminate ongoing basket repair and capital costs
- Short cycle processing benefits achieved through improved temperature distribution of the product
- Improved temperature distribution of the product
- Improved temperature distribution of the product through single part processing
- Improved part to part properties
- Reduced cycle times
- Reduction of floor space requirements and elimination of pits
- Reduce material handling equipment and maintenance costs over conventional systems
- Lean manufacturing processing reducing work in progress inventory
- Design flexibility allows for multiple part geometries to be processed in the same system


Product is transferred through the BHTS® without the use of baskets or carriers. This eliminates the need for baskets, reducing energy, operational and capital costs.