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Industrial Ovens: Lab and Bench Ovens

Product categories: Treatment equipment and furnaces 

Industrial Ovens: Lab and Bench Ovens

Lab Ovens and Bench Ovens are used for a variety of applications, like curing, drying, aging, testing, annealing, pre-heating, baking, finishing, and other processes.
Typically, they are used on a table or bench; but depending on size requirements these ovens can even be floor mounted. Our custom designs can accommodate any laboratory or work setting.
Each oven comes standard with the following features:

- Voltage specific - On the bench models only. Each oven is built to your specific voltage. This reduces heat up time and         makes the oven perform more efficiently.
- Ul/CUllisted Control Enclosure - Every control enclosure is listed on every oven.
- Airflow - Every mechanical convection oven comes standard with airflow in a variety of selectable patterns. This reduces     cold spots and produces an even airflow across the chamber.
- TEFC Circulation motor - We use TEFC motors on all of our ovens. TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motors are made     for harsh conditions and are built to last.


- The Lab/Bench series of ovens offer custom options at an affordable price with a large selection of sizes available.
- Can-Eng custom designs can accomodate any laboratory or work setting.