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OrbiStrander for copper screening of low, medium and high voltage power cables

Product categories: Rigid stranders 

OrbiStrander for copper screening of low, medium and high voltage power cables

The Orbistrand system is a Rigid Cage Strander that uses the principle of flying the wire over the flange of the bobbin, as opposed to rolling the wire off by rotating the bobbin. The Orbistrand’s unique configuration provides also fast loading and the potential of using larger packages.

Orbistranders are cage type machines without backtwist. The advantage of being able to use large package sizes rotating at high speeds, combined with the facility of multiple rows loading, makes Orbistrand the preferred choice for many applications.

The traditional Rigid Strander requires the tension in the wire to rotate the heavy bobbin under high centrifugal loads. The Orbistrand system, on the other hand, uses a relatively large bobbin (as compared with the traditional rigid strander) fixed to the cage and the tension in the wire rotates a light flyer, positioned close to the axis of the cage, to peel the wire off the bobbin.

As a result, the Orbistrand is better suited for small diameter wires while the Rigid Strander is better equipped for large diameter wires.

They are mainly suitable for copper screening of low, medium and high voltage power cables.

Screening-Multi-wire screening of fine gauge wires off large packages has become possible with Orbistrand.
A typical installation is an 88 wires of 0.5mm diameter can be paid off a 400mm reel onto an insulated product at speeds up to 300 rpm.

Armouring-Mild steel wire armouring up to 2.5mm can be achieved on Orbistrand in a multitude of bobbin configurations, to suit any customer specification.
A typical installation is a 24 or 48 bobbin cage designed to accommodate 560mm bobbins rotating at 300 rpm or more.

Cabling-Multi-wire control cables can be manufactured at high speeds on Orbistrand if the single core wires can tolerate twists around their longitudinal axis.
A typical Orbistrand installation would include a multi-cage design with 560mm or 630mm bobbins at rotational speeds of 300 rpm or more.

Machine parameters are digitally monitored and controlled via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a menu driven touch screen so that at each stage the operator is guided to obtain the desired machine operation.

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