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Direct Encoding

Product categories: Various machines and accessories Controls and checks Various equipment 

Direct EncodingDirect Encoding
* Small character inkjet printer
* Large character inkjet printer
* High temperature inkjet printer
* Colour inkjet printer
* Electrolytic jet printers
* Micropercussion markers, portable and desktop
* Laser markers, portable and desktop
* Electrolytic bench markers
* Classic manual markers, packaged in tube, paint stick, small bottle, for hot or cold products to temperatures of 1200 °C

Indelible marking on tubes
This solution allows you to mark indelibly drawn metal tubes, not using ink, but generating on the tube a true chemical reaction that changes the colour of the tube on the spots where the liquid is deposited. Our method allows you to have a real permanent marking, maintaining the same flexibility of ink jet markers.
The operating principle of this application is based on the concept that the drawn tube reaches a high temperature, so when the liquid gets in contact with the surface, it evaporates. The time between the contact and the total evaporation is enough to create the chemical action, and to mark the tube indelibly.