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Centering device for any kind of cables and tubes

Product categories: Wire guides & wire straighteners 

Centering device for any kind of cables and tubes

Cometo cable centering device model CC is composed by four tempered (62-63 HRC) and grinded rollers to guide any kind of cables and tubes. The rollers can be chrome plated on customer demand only for orders of more than 5 devices.

The CC equipment is available in three different sizes as follows:

Maximum rollers opening 50mm= MODEL CC50
Maximum rollers opening 100mm= MODEL CC100
Maximum rollers opening 150mm= MODEL CC150

Charachterized by a very sturdy structure, handy and versatile the CC cable centering device is provided with rollers self-sentering opening system with lever movement and screw traction lock off.

It requires minimum maintenance, only needs rollers and bearings change when worn out.