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Dry wire drawing lubricants, soaps, powders

Product categories: Powder lubricants Other drawing lubricants 

Dry wire drawing lubricants, soaps, powdersDry wire drawing lubricants, soaps, powders:

Condat offers some one hundred soap, calcium, sodium and aluminum-based products of different grain sizes to cover all processes: - single-passes, - multiple-passes, - clean wires…

The widest range of dry lubricants available on the market, covering all cold forming applications requiring dry lubricants such as calcium or sodium base.

VICAFIL TF: range of calcium soap lubricants for all applications

This large range of formulations has been designed to anticipate the market trends and provide solutions, by exceeding our customers’ requirements in terms of:
-Reduced soap consumption,
-Higher speeds,
-Chemical compatibility,
-Higher drawing capability…

VICAFIL TN: range of sodium soap lubricants for all applications

VICAFIL TN is the most complete and performing range available on the market.

CONDAT offer a new range of sodium base lubricants characterised by product optimisation and improved performance, for conventional wire drawing applications as well as for the most severe operations such as high tensile alloyed wire drawing. These products offer:
- Higher adhesion on the wire surface, resulting in improved lubrication, die life, and surface quality,
- Reduced consumption due to the decrease of compacted black soap in the die box, which improves productivity,
- Reduction of dust on the wire drawing machines, resulting in an improved working environment for the operators.

STEELSKIN: special soaps including “pellets”

A specific high tech dry lubricants range designed to provide an answer to the most severe or exotic applications:
- Sulfurised products to reduce die wear,
- Graphited products to improve lubricity,
- Additivation to reduce friction,
- PELLETS Technology to provide dust free lubricant and lowest soap consumption.