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Surface treatment for steel rod, wire, bar

Product categories: Other drawing lubricants Other lubricants for molding, extrusion and other deformations 

Surface treatment for steel rod, wire, barSurface treatment for steel rod, wire, bar

: non reactive coatings for steel and stainless steel rod/wire and bar applications. VICAFIL coatings are designed to improve drawing performance. They are applied after acid cleaning or after mechanical descaling (brushing, shot blasting…) in order to create an adherent crystalline structure which will improve the lubricant adhesion on the metal surface.

Recognized throughout the world, the VICAFIL range is specially designed for wire, tube, bar drawing and metal rolling. All materials can be worked:
- mild steels,
- hard steels,
- stainless steel alloys,
- copper and alloys, and
- aluminum and alloys
with a solution adapted to each surface preparation:
- phosphatized,
- galvanized,
- copper plated…
while respecting the requirements of the finished product:
- cables,
- staples,
- welding wire,
- spring wire,
- tubes, and
- steel cord…

conversion coatings for steel rod and wire applications

VICAFIL COLLUBE: reactive soaps for steel forming applications with phosphate coatings. High performance - they enhance protection against corrosion.