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Product and/or service specifications

Carbon and stainless steel picklers

Product categories: Products for surface treatments and coatings 

Carbon and stainless steel picklers

Condoroil produces and sells picklers for carbon steel and stainless steel.

Carbon steel picklers

CONDORFOS 790 > Phosphoric and organic based formula to prepare surfaces, with heavy oxide load, to phosphating.

CONDORINE 780 > Acid liquid product. Similar to Condorine 756 but with a enhanced pickling action.

CONDORITE 752 > Buffered acid pickling used to remove iron oxidation. No etching of the galvanized substrates on one side material.

DECAPANTE 744 P > Acid liquid product for de oxidation of ferrous, copper and brass material. Free of nitric-hydrochloric, sulphuric acids.

DECAPANTE 744 S > Acid powder product for de oxidation of ferrous, copper and brass material. Free of nitric-hydrochloric, sulphuric and phosphoric acids.

DECAPANTE 746 SP > Liquid product used for spray applications to remove calamine formed during thermal treatments.

DECAPANTE 757 GEL > Phosphopickler used to remove rust, calamine and oxides coming from laser cut of common steel.

DESCAGEL > Highly acid Gel product - hydrochloric acid based for the steel surfaces pickling.

Stainless steel picklers

ADDITIVO FP > Additive to be used for stainless steel pickling

CONDORITE 746 > Acid product to remove inorganic residues after alkaline degreasing before white annealing. Free of phosphoric acid, it prevents alloys with high content of nickel from darkening. Compatible with pickling baths. Product is used also for welded ferritic stainless steel tubes pickling.

CONDORITE 746 BF > Organic and inorganic based acid product, free of sulphuric, phosphoric, nitric and hydrofluoric acids. It is used to remove light oxidations and for iron decontamination of austenitic stainless steel as well as for pickling and iron decontamination of ferritic stainless steels.

DESCALINOX FLUID GENTILE > It is the least aggressive of the series, mainly used when a reduced satin finishing of the metal surface is required. it can be used for stainless steel, application by spray.

DESCALINOX FLUID NOX FREE > Active pickling fluid gel, free of nitric acid. Application by spray.

DESCALINOX FLUID STRONG > Strong pickling fluid gel, nitric and hydrofluoric acid based. Spray application.

DESCALINOX GEL GENTILE > Slightly acid gel product. Brush application.

DESCALINOX GEL NOX FREE > Active pickling gel, free of nitric acid. Apllication by brush.

DESCALINOX GEL STRONG > Highly acid gel product. Standard product, it meets main needs of the field. It can be used for stainless steel. Application by brush.

DESCALINOX GEL SUPER PLUS > Pickling gel for stainless and special steel. Application by brush

DESCALINOX P 27/1 > Nitric and hydrofluoric acid based traditional pickling agent. It removes also eventual oils and greases that should be present on the surface.

DESCALINOX P 30 > Free of hydrofluoric acid pickling agent, suitable for austenitic rods pickling. The pickling process with such a product must be followed by a final passivation stage with Descal P61.

DESCALINOX P13 > Nitric free pickling for austentic stainless steels and duplex alloys. It requires the addition of hydrogen peroxide. It is used for pickling of oil free surfaces.

DESCALINOX P13 FAST TPF > Product for stainless steel pickling. Rappresenta l´evoluzione del Descalinox P13 migliorandone la pericolosità e la velocità di decapaggio.

DESCALINOX P23 > Acid liquid for electrolitic pickling.

DESCALINOX P27 > Traditional nitro hydrofluoric acid based pickling product. Under appropriate operating conditions the product creates a smooth attack useful for drawing oil anchoring.

STABILIZER LV 59 > Stabilizing agent used to reduce the hydrogen peroxide consumption in nitric free pickling.