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Product and/or service specifications

Profiling and slitting lubricants

Product categories: Other lubricants for forging, extrusion and other deformations 

Profiling and slitting lubricants

Condoroil produces and sells lubricants for profiling and slitting operations.

CONDORLUBE EM 70 > Products for cutting operation to be used diluted in water. It does not leave any oily residual on the surface.

CONDORLUBE R 59 > Evaporable - synthesis isoparaffine based product - odourless and non flammable. It leaves the metal surface dry and not reactive towards dirt.

CONDORLUBE R50 > Mineral oils free lubricants compatible with profiling lubro coolant.

CONDORLUBE S400 > Mineral oils free based product with high cooling capacity, excellent lubricant and protective power and high wetting capacity. This product contains proper biostatic agents which grant the control of bacteria growing.

CONDORLUBE VR 100 > Vegetal soaps based hydrosoluble formula. It forms a transparent solution that can be regenerated by ultrafiltration and produces a protective layer that can be removed with water.