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Titanium and zirconium picklers

Product categories: Products for surface treatments and coatings 

Titanium and zirconium picklers

Condoroil sells and produces picklers for titanium and zirconium.

DECAPANTE TI 70 > It is mainly used in picking of medical prothesis, springs, bolts for aero space and auto motive industry, memory shaped springs and wire. The product, compared to TI 90, has the characteristic to be also free of hydrofluoric acid and to guarantee a zero hydrogen emission. Furthermore, by working at high concentration it is possible to get a levelling of the metal roughness and to make the surface smooth and bright. The absence of hydrofluoric acid allows to use stainless steel tanks, to avoid suction plants and particular individual protection devices besides having in the factory a HARMLESS product.

DECAPANTE TI 80 > Nitric and hydrofluoric acid free product. It leaves the surface bright and avoids hydrogen emissions and consequent metal embrittlement. When used at high concentration it can also bright the surfaces. The product is used in treatment of Nickel titanium alloys with memory form.

DECAPANTE TI 90 > It is mainly used in pickling of welded tubes , annealed tubes, rods and equipments for chemical and petrochemical industry. In its formula there is a moderate concentration of free hydrofluoric acid that allows to get high pickling speed. Depending upon operative conditions it is possible to decide the metal etching degree up to eliminate eventual superficial defects and to produce a homogenously satin finished surface.

DECAPANTE ZR > Nitric and hydrofluoric acid free pickler. It leaves the surface bright and avoids hydrogen emissions.