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Product and/or service specifications

Vibrofinishing, chemical and electrochemical brightening agents

Product categories: Products for surface treatments and coatings 

Vibrofinishing, chemical and electrochemical brightening agents

Condoroil produces and sells vibrofinishing, chemical and electrochemical brightening agents.

Chemical brightening agents

BRIGHTNER CU 660 > Acid product to degrease, pickle and brighten copper and brass.

CONDORLIGHT AL80 > Liquid product containing nitric acid used for chemical polishing of aluminium and alloys.

PICKLING AGENT Z80 - OXIDIZING AGENT OX53 - STABILIZER CU500 > Pickling-brightening and chemical passivation process of copper and brass surfaces with nitric acid free products.

Electrochemical brightening agents

BRIGHTNER 856 > Sulphuric and phosphoric acids based liquid product for electropolishing of stainless steel.

BRIGHTNER 865 CU > Acid product for nitric acid, nitrates and chromates free eletropolishing on copper and alloys surface.

Brightening agents for vibrofinishing

BRILLANTANTE 766 > Acid liquid product for copper and brass brightening in barrels with steel balls free of nitric-hydrochloric, sulphuric acids and chromates.

CONDORINE 766 AL > Universal polisher and degreaser with protective action.

CONDORINE 767 AC > Acid product for pickling, degreasing and acid brightening in vibrofinishing

CONDORINE 768 AC > Brightener, acid degreaser, particularly suitable for polishing with balls of stainless steel, aluminium and zamak works.

CONDORINE 770 N > Polishing and whitening product for non ferrous metals

CONDORINE VB 1003 > Degreasing, polishing, passivating liquid for vibrofinishing