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Electroplating lines to plate steel wires with copper, nickel, zinc

Product categories: Treatment equipment and furnaces Various plants 

Electroplating lines to plate steel wires with copper, nickel, zinc

Lines built to treat one wire or two wires in parallel, with speed up to 10 m/sec.
These lines are used to treat steel wires with low or high carbon content to plate with:

- Nickel;
- Zinc;
- Copper;


- Staples
- Clips
- Welding wire
- Core wire

The contact times needed to obtain the required plating thickness are ensured in streamlined, compact modules. The wire passes through these modules many times guided by special grooved idle rollers.

Each module is supplied with galvanic frames, service tanks, pumps and everything else needed to start operating immediately.
A standard line includes:

- Pickling module;
- Washing module;
- Electroplating module;
- Final washing module;
- Straightener unit and electric control board;
- Gas exhaust and washing system.

Our lines are designed after thoroughly analysing your specific requirements to fully satisfy your production and quality parameters.

Your engineers know what to obtain and ours know how to obtain it.

Such a mutual commitment guarantees results, the rest is only technical experience, the quality of the materials and construction precision.

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