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Industrial Packaging

Product categories: Packaging and storage 

Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging
- wooden spruce cases with closed table
- Panels wood cases
- UNI norm cases

Crates and Pallets
- crates with separated tables
- two way pallets
- four way pallets

Long term manufacturer packaging solution by Chimar is designed to protect customer’s products during transport, storage and handling.
Is to ensure your products safe arrival. Your products packaging may go through.
Drop, vibration, shochk, tilt, umidity etcc and we take care and ensure your products arrive in the same condition that they left in accordance with the customer's request and in line with the requirements of the agreed schedule of.

Long Term Protection
The Casing in laminated aluminium film are tailored made to protect electrical, electronic, or mechanic components for long time.
- bags in laminated aluminium film
- VCI bags
- Salt dryed

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