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Professional roll forming lines

Product categories: Machines for sheet metal manufacturing and processing 

Professional roll forming lines

DALLAN Professional roll forming lines.
Ideal when high flexibility and output are a must.

The DALLAN rollforming lines combine several machines for carrying out different processes on sheet metal. One example of a DALLAN roll forming line is the well known production system for foam-filled aluminum rolling shutters, which includes:

- Decoiler, which acts as the raw material store;
- Rollformer for shaping the profile;
- Polyurethane foam injection machine;
- Flying cutting system for the slats;
- Punching system for the perforation of the slat;
- Insertion system for creating the bundles of profiles or the curtain.

The DALLAN roll forming lines can consist of various types of machines and machining, including:

- Coil punching with flexible DALCOS EXN and PXN systems;
- Trimming of the coil;
- Roll forming and bending;
- Cutting and forming of the profile;
- TIG and laser welding of profiles;
- Ink-jet marking;
- On-line ink decoration and painting;
- Labelling;
- Application of plastic or metal accessories;
- Handling and packaging systems for the finished products (also see DALLAN integrated production systems).

We work together with our customers in designing and creating each system around their product, to ensure first class quality and top performance of the end product. With the central DALLAN production management software the plant can be managed and monitored from a distance, including remote controls by DALLAN engineers and remote servicing. The DALLAN roll forming lines represent the core of DALLAN PREMIUM production systems, used for example in the following sectors:

- Metal furniture and shelving
- Frames for metal, reinforced and fire doors D60
- Electrical cabinets
- Profiles for HVAC
- Lighting fixtures
- Technical gratings
- Roller shutters D63
- Venetian blinds D48
- T-bars D51
- Profiles for plasterboard D4V