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Sets, libraries or individual plug gages

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Sets, libraries or individual plug gages

Die Quip offers a full range of plug gages to choose from which includes sets, libraries or individual gages
in inch or metric diameters. Our individual gages can be used to calibrate micrometers or replace worn
or lost gages from a set. Listed below are the most common sets, but we also can provide sets up to
1.000" (25.49mm), ring gages, thread gages, custom lengths or special orders for custom applications.
Let us know about your gaging needs and Die Quip will come up with a solution for you.

- Individual gages from .004-1.005" (0.20-25.49mm) in ZZ through XX classes.
- Size laser etched on each piece, except sizes below .060" (1.50mm).
- Steel, Chrome and Carbide gages available.
- Heat treated to a hardness of 60-62 Rc.
- 10 micro finish on each gage.
- All members 2" (50mm) long.