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Vitari nails making machine

Product categories: Nailmaking machinery 

Vitari nails making machine

Vitari nails machines VR

This new comprehensive line of nail machines enables a higher nail per minute output and for most nail manufacturing requirements the new machines allow for a clean and burr free nail too. This is the result of a very long experience in the fastener field and an awareness to today’s nail-maker needs.

The Vitari nail making machines are manufactured to the highest standards in order to guarantee continuous high-speed nail output. The machine components are therefore engineered and manufactured to sustain long and uninterrupted working sessions. The three main shafts of the machine are all made in high-grade forged steel, induction hardened and equipped with an automatic centralized lubrication system, timer controlled, operating at regular intervals. On the most popular models: V17R-V20R-V23R a supplementary lubricating system ensures continuous lubrication of the main shaft, connecting rod and hammer.

The VR series of nail making machines allow for noise reduction through the use of sound-proof cabins (abt. 80db) designed specifically for each machine model.