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Vitari straightening and cutting line

Product categories: Wire bending, forming and shaping machines 

Vitari straightening and cutting line

Vitari NR straightening and cutting lines

The Vitari NR Series of automatic straightening and cutting machines cover a wide range of wire diameters. The Vitari NR series is subdivided into four models:

1.  NR100  (wires 1 mm - 5 mm).

2.  NR200  (wires 2 mm - 7 mm).

3.  NR300 (wires 3 mm - 10 mm).

4.  NR400 (wires 4 mm - mm ).

These compact electronic models can process steel drawn wires ranging from mild to high tensile, and non-ferrous at high speeds reaching 180m/min (3m/sec). Wire straightening is executed by processing wire coils through a rotating spinner where specific steel grade dies have been assembled. The wire surface finishing is strictly related to the choice of the steel grade dies which can be in cast iron, solid carbide, ceramic or other materials.

The machines have three independent motors which control the wire feed, the straightening spinner and the accurate cutting unit. The high-level electronics installed allows the operator to program production using the perfectly positioned integrated touch-screen. The operator can save the setting parameters, production data and then transfer all relevant data to a lap-top via a USB key. Moreover, the machine can be equipped with a modem for world-wide on-line technical assistance.

The machines are modular and all the tooling is interchangeable with the smaller and larger capacity models Vitari NR100; Vitari NR200 and Vitari NR300. The models are also available in right and left mode allowing for two machines to be set-up face-to-face allowing a variety of logistic production advantages. All the NR machinery series are easy to use, practical and environmentally-safe. 


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