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Wire rolling cassettes accessories

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Wire rolling cassettes accessories

Maintenance Bench

To further facilitate all the various maintenance interventions associated with the Cassette unit as well as the roll/roll holder substitution/alignment/adjustment operations Eurolls has developed the maintenance bench for Cassettes.

This unit is composed of:

- Two separable supports on which you place the cassette.
- On the right there is a mobile and rotating support on which you bolt one half  of cassette type CA or CB.
- On the left there is a rotating support on which you bolt the other half of cassette type CA or CB.
- An optical device to facilitate the vision of the roll intersection zone and the final roll alignment.
- A light source to illuminate the roll intersection zone.
- An electrical terminal box.

The supports are designed to fix both CA and CB without using any adjusting plate.

The Cassette once anchored, can be dismantled, each shoulder can be moved and rotated independently thus simplifying all the maintenance rolls substitution/alignment and control operations performed by the operator.

Other Accessories

- Roll bearing pre-loading device

- Pin Puller

- Operating Keys

- Inserter

- Optical device

- Digital Counter

- Pin Gauges Set

- Pre Loading Device

- Locknut Wrench

- Unscrewing Locknut Bench

- Rolls Alignment Optical Device

- Operating Keys

Spare Part kits

- Pins

- Or

- Gaskets

- Rolls Regulation Plates

- Bushes

- Water Hoses

- Grease Hoses