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Complete line for the production of rectangular copper wire

Product categories: Cold rolling machines 

Complete line for the production of rectangular copper wire

FUHR designs and builds rolling mills for rolling round copper wire into square.

Widely utilized in the electrical industry in the construction of electric motors, generators and transformers, rectangular wire have the advantage of allowing more compact windings and to boost the wire all-inclusive efficiency.

Thanks to the use of an universal profile rolling apparatus FUHR production line for rectangular copper wire is able to achieve the precision of width, thickness and the geometry of the corner radius that are necessary for the successive paint process.


Five stand standard line for the medium size range of rectangular copper wire.

Technical features:

- Speed: 500 m/min.
- Size range:
- Width: 3,0 to 16,0 mm.
- Thickness: 1,0 to 6,0 mm.
- Precision: +/– 0,005 to +/–0,015 mm.

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