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Product and/or service specifications

Steel wire ropes for construction

Product categories: Cables and wire ropes 

Steel wire ropes for construction

Production Capabilities - Steel wire ropes for construction
Sizes: from 8 mm to 40 mm
Tensile strength: 1770 N/mm2 – 1960 N/mm2 – 2160 N/mm2
Construction: see encl. Production tables
Coatings: Ungalvanized – Galvanized

IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core)
IWSC (Independent Wire Strand Core)
FC (Sisal, Jute & P.P)

Packing: Wooden Reel covered with plastic as per customer requirement
Lubrication: As per standard requirement
Application: Engineering, Shipping, Steel industry, well drilling etc.      
Production Capacity: 10,000 MT/year

To manufacture high quality wire rope that is internationally certified and competitively priced. To provide reliable services and build long term and trustworthy relationships with clients and suppliers

International Norms
The ropes are manufactured according to International Norms and are accompanied with certificate of conformity.

The most common and required Norms are:
- API -  American Petroleum Institute
- BSS -  British Standard Specification
- ASTM – American Society for Testing Materials
- UNI – Unificazione Norme Italiane
- DIN – Deutsches Institut fur Noumung
- AFNOR – Association Francaise de Normalisation
- GOST – State Comitee on Standards, Russia    

For details about the structure and construction of this product see the enclosed document