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HT polyester (PES) lifting slings

Product categories: Lifting and handling 

HT polyester (PES) lifting slings

Giorinastri Srl manufactures HT polyester (PES) lifting slings (endless slings and eye-to-eye slings) engineered to lift tubes, bars, profiles, long products and loads in general.

The lifting slings made by Giorinastri Srl comply with the current European regulation UNI EN 1492-1:2015 dealing with Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) and they offer a 7:1 safety factor, both identifiable thanks to colored labels.
Italian and French operating instructions and production batch are also present, and the company logo can also be sewn in place if desired.

The firm can also supply lifting slings for several working loads.

Every single sling can also be provided with special optionals to enhance wear and abrasion resistance and to protect the fibers from immediate contact with direct edges or cutting parts.