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Traditional and one-piece roller shutter tapes

Product categories: Packaging and storage 

Traditional and one-piece roller shutter tapes

Boasting more than 50 years of experience in the industry of lashing, tie-down, strapping and lifting systems in HT polyester (PES), nylon and polypropylene, Giorinastri supplies a large range of roller shutter tapes.

Among the implemented materials you will find polyester yarns, polypropylene, viscose yarn, cotton and PVC.

Giorinastri is ready to accommodate your needs by supplying its tapes in light, medium or heavy grammage and different colors, both traditional and innovative.

The tapes can also be packaged in a number of ways: with or without shrink film, in 50-meter rolls or banks with a white clamp or a branded one, featuring your logo, product information and length of the tape.