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Cold welding machines for rods or fine wire

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Cold welding machines for rods or fine wire

Heinze & Streng GmbH, a German company boasting over 25 years of manufacturing expertise, is ready to assist you with your welding needs.

The firm supplies a selection of high-quality cold welders for copper, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals, either rods or fine wire:

- CW10 & CW20: featuring lightweight hand tool, easy to use even in hard-to-access locations;
- CW3E, featuring an extensible lever. Max. aluminum ø5 mm and max. copper ø4 mm for copper;
- CW4E, suitable for round and profile wires;
- CW5E, for right-angle profile welding in less than a minute.

Every piece of equipment supplied by Heinze & Streng GmbH is quiet and easy to handle.