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Cemented carbide nibs, blank

Product categories: Drawing tools 

Cemented carbide nibs, blank

Sandvik offers nibs for wire drawing dies, both for soft and hard materials, in a wide range of cemented carbide grades. Wet drawing of tire cord wire is exceptionally performed using our 6UD and H3F cemented carbide grades. Stainless steel, galvanized and brass coated wires are the perfect match for our RS1T product. Our cemented carbide wire drawing products are commonly used in the forming of these materials:

- Spring wire
- Welding wire
- Sawing wire
- Stainless steel
- Galvanized wire
- Bed wire
- Tire cord
- Steel cord for rubber reinforcement

Sandvik drawing nibs are known for their high and consistent material quality and impeccable geometry. Our high precision nibs provide tight dimensional tolerance, perfect coaxiality and meeting point – even for the smallest diameters. With the use of our cemented carbide nibs, there is an immediate reduction in grinding stock. You will also notice improved profile qualities in your grinding and polishing operations.

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