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Semi-machined steel reels for wire drawing

Product categories: Reels, wire carriers and capstans 

Semi-machined steel reels for wire drawing

SM Semi Machined Reels, Dynamically Balanced to ISO9001:2000
DIN 46395/DIN 46397

These reels have pressed steel flanges and are suitable for drawing, stranding and bunching of cable and all types of wire. They are dinamically balanced for speeds from 25m/s to 50m/s.
The reel dimensions are according to client specification or international industry standards.

Reel Type: SM Reel

Size Range: 315mm to 1250mm as per DIN 46397


- High speed wire drawing machines

- Rod breakdown machines

Typical Products:

- Multi-ends of plain and tinned copper from 6/0.102mm to 12/0.4mm

- Aluminium from 1mm to 5mm diameter

- Plain and tinned single ends of copper 0.1mm to 3.5mm diameter

- Single ends of alumium from 1mm to 5mm diameter

Technical Data:
- Manufactured from high quality steel plate and tube

- Welded by MIG process

- Dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 for operation at 40m/sec

- Suitable for static coiler with datumed machined faces

- Suitable for use in buinching and stranding machines

- Suitable designs for drawing alumimium alloys and subsequent annealing

- Suitable for transportation between factories

- Dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 for operation at 60m/sec

- Machined cuter faces for use in robotic handling systems or on automatically guided vehicles

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