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Countersunk head metric screws

Product categories: Screws 

Countersunk head metric screws

Kilton, leading manufacturer of fastening systems, produces and sells countersunk head metric screws screws of different types.

Here following the available models.

Philips countersunk head metric screws (DIN 965/UNI 7688)
Material: 1006 - 1008
Head: DIN 965
Thread: DIN13 6g

Philips countersunk oval head metric screws (DIN 966/UNI 7689)
Material: 1006 - 1008
Head: DIN 966
Thread: DIN13 6g

Hex socket countersunk head machine screws
According to: UNI 5933 - DIN 7991-A

Philips countersunk head machine screws
Material: stainless steel A2

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