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Special pipe production lines

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Special pipe production lines

Maillefer manufactures and sells complete solution for special pipes production.

What kind of special tube or pipe do you have to produce? Did you know that tubes & pipes are found in the most unusual places? From soda fountains to aerosol cans and from district heating to explosives, we all come in contact them at some times during our daily lives.

Aerosol tubes production line >>>
Spray cans and bottles are equipped with a small tube through which the container contents are projected outwards. The extrusion line, which calibrates the inner bore to exact dimensions, is equipped with a cutter for conditioning short tubes in precise lengths.

Beverage tubes production line >>>
Soda and beer fountains are connected to barrels and gas bottles through a maze of flexible beverage and return tubes. Automated extrusion lines help you produce the tube in a way that keep your fixed costs at their lowest, while helping your customers keep their beverage flowing.

Explosive tubes production line >>>
The area of explosives is dangerous and shrouded with secrecy. We find uses in explosive cord for mining, military detonators, or even festive fireworks. Maillefer's experience in extrusion becomes invaluable because of the extreme safety conditions and the utmost respect to confidentiality.

Garden hoses extrusion line >>>
The common gardener's water hose can be more or less complex. Single layer or multi-layer, color or stripe coded, cord reinforced, burst strengthened, lightweight construction, flat or round, safe to drink from, etc. The list of hose types is long. The extrusion line to produce them is therefore configured accordingly.

Special heat shrinkable tubes production line >>>
Cable & Wire ends need to be insulated once they have been joined or connected. Heat shrinkable tube is easy to slip over the conductor, and then retracts tightly around it when heat is applied, thanks to the inherent memory of the material's shape. The extrusion line is designed to produce thermoset heat shrinkable tube, with multi-layer and striped constructions for a variety of overall diameters and wall thicknesses.

District heating pipes production line >>>
District heating is an effective means to provide a public access to efficient energy sources. We propose complete manufacturing systems for DH pipe production to manufacturers eager to meet the growing demand. The DH pipes are typically constructed of PEX dual feed and return cores insulated with foam PUR and jacketed with a protective outer layer.

Other special tubes and pipes >>>
Your specific application is not listed above. It represents a new product or a new way of doing things. Share your requirements with us. You may be pleasantly surprised what types of tubes & pipes can be produced on an extrusion line.




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