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Polycrystalline and SMP dies

Product categories: Drawing tools 

Polycrystalline and SMP dies

Polycristalline Dies

We manufacture Polycrystalline diamond dies in the size range of 0.025–32 mm.
PCD blanks are available in 2 types - Self supported and Tungsten ring supported. Also different grain sizes (1,3, 5, 10, 25 & 50 microns) are available .
The PCD blanks are purchased from well known manufacturers mainly M/s Sandvik Hyperion (Formerly Diamond Innovations / GE), M/s Sumitomo & SF diamonds etc.
Thermally stable PCD blanks are mounted up to a temperature of 1200°C and these blanks are well suited for hot wire drawing applications
Our PCD dies are widely used for different wire drawing sectors: Stainless steel, Medical, Low and High Carbon Steel, Welding wire, Copper & Aluminium condctors, Magnet, EDM Tungsten, Molybdenum, Coated and alloy wires etc. Right selection of PCD blank and profile ensures perfect compacting of conductors, good surface and long life.

SMP Dies

A new innovation in Wire drawing dies

What is SMP drawing die?
SMP stands for "Special Mikrotek PCD"
A right choice of PCD is selected based on the material to be drawn, heat generated during drawing, surface finish required & speed of drawing.  The profile is customized and repeated to give continuous benefit to the customer.

Why SMP dies?
Extended die life from new and every resize.
More no. of re-cuts beyond the recommended size of PCD manufacturers.
Less or no development of cracks and premature breakages.
Cost Effective as these are substituting costly TCS PCD dies.
Good wire surface for many kilometres of drawing
Retention of roundness for long time.
Less down time of drawing machine.
Good for both Wet & Dry drawing.
Substitutes TC dies for Carbon Steel wires profitably.
Can be comfortably used even under no repolishing conditions.

What are the changes done to the historical die?
Selection of PCD is based on application & to better customer expectations
Introduction of dual Reduction angle to improve the flow of lubrication in cases where required.
The PCD & the re-enforcement are optimised to improve the heat transfer in order to increase the wear resistance.
For most of the drawing applications, only self supported & fine grain PCD blanks are used, which are less expensive without losing any benefit of Tungsten Carbide Supported (TCS) blanks.
Size Range: 0.025 - 2.5mm
Standard Grain sizes available
5, 10 & 25µ
1 & 3µ grain sizes are coming soon

Even one advantage is more than enough to switch over to SMP dies