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Repair, revamping and modification services of used machine

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Repair, revamping and modification services of used machine

Milani Srl offers a repair, revamping and modification of used machine owned by customers. This service has been developed specifically for chain welding machines.

The company experience in the field has developed a "standard" modification that generates the following benefits:

- greater structural strength of the machine;
- an improved closing force which leads to a lower consumption of the electrodes;
- the duration of the electrodes has been tripled;
- less consumption of electrodes;
- reduction of work force for changing the electrodes;
- reduction of downtime for replacing the electrodes.

Thanks to more space to change equipment, the operator can work more easily and therefore faster; as a consequence there is less machine downtime and use of the work force.
The presence of a pneumatic cylinder that acts directly on the pressure levers guarantees:

- a constant pressure therefore better welding quality;
- an easier adjustment of the pressure on the levers acting directly on the pneumatic panel;
- the possibility of modifying the value of the second by acting directly on the pneumatic panel.

In addition, a motor with inverter, which replaces mechanical parts that were subject to wear; therefore has a longer duration.


The standard revision goes through the following operations:

- disassembling, cleaning / washing, sandblasting;
- during the dismantling phase, all components are analyzed, the customer is informed of which ones are be replaced / repaired;
- we build / replace / repair the machine parts as agreed with the customer;
- we replace all components subject to wear (ball bearings, etc.).

At this point, we reassemble the machine and carry out the working tests.