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Grinding wheels for springs rectification

Product categories: Surface treatment materials and consumables Spring tools 

Grinding wheels for springs rectification

Ermoli Srl, specializing in the production of grinding wheels for springs with countersunk nuts, is able to supply all brands of grinders, such as Kamatech, OMD, Wafios, Dorn, Arigossi, in all sizes up to diameter 915.

Due to the abrasives used (CUBITRON® CERPASS® and ABRAL®) and the optimization of compounds and binders, the grinding wheels reach very high yields, thus allowing great removal of material and low consumption.

To promote cooling, Ermoli Srl also produces wheels with a particular porous structure, which can also be combined with the alveolus making it possible to work also stainless steel springs with excellent results.
These grinding wheels are also very suitable for grinding steel springs, thanks to the reduction of the contact surface with consequent reduction of friction and shear stress.

Thank to the accuracy in manufacturing processes, a controlled working environment of the mixing and shaping department, precision in balancing, speed and hardness testing, Ermoli Srl is synonymous of safety, reliability and constant quality.

The company's technical staff, which provides a free on-board assistance service for large-scale machining processes, is able to recommend the most suitable specification by taking into account all the machining variables such as springs and their elasticity, wire diameter, type of grinder, manual or automatic feed, down-feed or continuous processing, and type of dressing.


Mole Abrasive Ermoli Srl has recently launched a new product: the "BV" wheels.

Perfect fusion between the ceramic and resinoid binder, that add the advantages of the resin (elasticity, safety, reliability) with those of the ceramic (cutting and productivity), the "BV" wheels guarantee excellent performances and very high grinding yields.

Below some of the advantages:
- Increase in durability of up to two times that of traditional grinding wheels
- Increased productivity in terms of workpieces per hour
- Improved surface finishing without performance drops
- Excellent maintenance of tolerances
- Machining speeds of up to 48 metres per second
- Delivery times: 25 working days.

"BV" wheels can be produced with standard specifications (Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Universal, Economic) or in all dimensions, with porous or closed structure, with or without alveoli.