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Product and/or service specifications

Rings and shaped wire parts

Product categories: Special springs  Small bent parts Various metal parts 

Rings and shaped wire parts

Springmaker Mollificio Modenese manufactures and sells a wide range of rings and shaped wire parts.

The ends of the rings can be open, overlapping, with one or more bends. They can be used as:

- Inner sealing rings
- Outer sealing rings
- Seeger rings

Production is exclusively custom made or against a customer’s sample.

Shaped wire parts
All those parts that, despite not having the classic spring functions are made of wire, fall into this product category. Bearing in mind that there is no real classification for this type of product and that the only limitation is the imagination of the designer, we can still identify some products:

- Cotter pins
- Hooks
- Shafts

Shaped parts are exclusively custom made or against a sample provided by the customer.