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In-line capacitance measurement system for cables - CapScan

Product categories: Controls and checks 

In-line capacitance measurement system for cables - CapScan

The drift-free, in-process capacitance measurement solution for cables.

As datacom cable manufacturers face more challenging specifications for Structural Return Loss, Near- and Far-end Cross Talk and Attenuation, it’s more important than ever to catch problems as they develop – not after the fact. Because downgrading or rejecting finished cable robs you of productivity and profitability. That’s why correlating in-process and post-process measurement results accurately and consistently is so important.

The CapScan 2000 gauging system solves this problem by enabling you to correlate in-process and post-process measurements through on-line, high-speed measurement of cable capacitance. A combination of low signal-to-noise ratio and proprietary, drift-free electronics enable the system to deliver highly accurate and consistent measurements. With a local intelligence module directly connected to the measurement head, the CapScan 2000 system can communicate directly to DataPro controllers or other host systems.

CapScan offers various gauge heads for measuring cables up to 25 mm (1 in.). Includes new increased bandwidth to 10 GHz. Options include in-head FFT analysis. Gauges can be mounted in-trough and used for a broad scope of communication cable applications.

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