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Wire basket spools 15Kg K 300 - K series

Product categories: Reels, wire carriers and capstans 

Wire basket spools 15Kg K 300 - K series

Model: K 300.
Outside diameter: 300 mm.
Outside width: 98 mm.
Hole diameter:
Diameter of the sticks that support the wire: 188 mm.
WELDING WIRE CAPACITY: 15 Kg - Pro- environmental - Suitable for layer winding.

K series

Particularly designed for random and layer winding, this wire spool made out of copper drawn steel wire coated with plastic, has the following features:

- allows medium/high-speed winding;
- geometry and the tolerances that allows weight of wire up to 15 kg;
- great coating adherence insures impact and wear resistant during the transport;
- meets the requirements of SPOOL K 300 UNI EN ISO 544:2011, table 4;
- environmental friendly and low cost disposal.