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Two dies thread rolling machines with one slide RP

Product categories: Thread rolling machines 

Two dies thread rolling machines with one slide RP

These rolling machine can be made in two version:

- "COMFORT": the more traditional ORT versions characterized by simplicity, reliability and economy.

- "EVO": the new generation machines characterized by a new extremely rigid and compact structure. They can be equipped with a series of innovative technical solutions for the reduction of size changes ("automatic head tilt adjustment"; automatic phase search rollers and Energy Saving ").

All these rolling machines can be supplied in "C" version with mechanical gearbox, Inverter and PLC or in "CN" version with servomotors, planetary gearboxes and PLC.

They are all universal machines that can work both in the past (thanks to the possibility of tilting the roller-holder spindles) and to plunge. A wide range of accessories and options guarantee the possibility of choosing the most suitable solution for customer needs.