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Bar cutting machines

Product categories: Machines for mesh, chains and bent products 

Bar cutting machines

Automatic cutting machines hsel (high speed electronic line).

The HSEL cutting machines are fast and flexible. Particularly suited to manage varied lots of small and medium sizes, thanks to their system which provides the translation of the entire machine in front of the steel storage, allowing a fast change of the processed diameter.
Thanks to a unique energy recycling system, the HSEL cutting machines guarantee very low energy consumption.
The fully automatic cutting cycles are programmed, saved and controlled by a dedicated industrial computer interfaced with a remote PC.
The cutting machines are produced in two different version: HSEL 100 and HSEL 70, according to their cutting capacity.

HSEL with 1 track.
Combines the cutting capacity and automation to the limited space in the factory.
Equipped with a single spacious collecting track for cut bars and a compartment for recoverable off cuts.
The cut bars are moved to other processing centres by means of a roller transfer track or a turnover system (optional).

HSEL with 2-3 tracks.
With optional rack and turnover system. Automatic cutting machines with high production capacity for medium sized establishments. Equipped with 2 or 3 roller tracks with lateral off cuts collecting bin (optional) or hydraulic turnover system for unloading the last track (optional).

HSEL 100/94.
Automatic cutting machine suitable for high production combined with an advanced optimisation of the bars, allowing using tracks by sectors.

HSEL smart jolly.
The Jolly Wagon automatic cutting machine is designed to offer the smallest footprint with maximum versatility during the process; it can work with maximum efficiency both in longitudinal direction with two motorised tracks and in the transverse direction via the innovative hydraulic grid. The cutting machine is equipped with measuring channel that unloads onto a motorised roller track provided with hydraulic plates that allows the transfer of the rods into different sectors. The Smart Jolly is ideal for the production of rods for the creation of slabs, beams and the similar.

A cutting machine suitable for those who need great precision such as for example precast establishments. It combines reduced tolerances to a large production capacity with its unique patented measuring system, which allows more precision cuts in quick succession from the same rods.


Automatic cutting machines compact.
Automatic cutting machines type Compact, Smart Compact and Case Compact studied for an everage to high bending production. The different machine configurations can be adapted to customer needs.

automatic cutting machine suitable for medium to large production needs, combining the high automation of the HSEL machines to the flexibility in handling the cut bars typical of large systems.

The control unit is interfaced with a remote PC in order to program the orders from the offices. The machine configuration is adaptable to customer needs by providing both sides a number of storage systems, transfer tracks, distribution chain systems for the immediate power supply of the traditional or robotic bending bench, and other made to measure devices.

Smart compact: system designed for those who work "per element". It allows to keep together the bars that will be part of an architectural element from the cutting phase.
Thanks to its exclusive patented system, it allows for a large number of unloading and storage positions, but at the same time minimises cut offs more than the traditional systems.

Case compact: compact version designed for civil prefabrication and constructions. Cutting the bars per diameter it allows the construction and storage of complete packages to be transferred to the bending station at any time. As in the compact model, the space used is limited.

Semi-automatic cutting machines.
Suitable for small and small to medium establishments, precast companies and those who begin a preshaping activity.
They are simple, sturdy and require very little maintenance. However, they allow to minimise the use of the overhead crane, organize the production space and the lot changeover times and diameter, given that the entire machine can be moved first in front of the bundles of bars and then near the bending units to unload the finished product.

Single-track measuring and cutting machine A 45.
A cutting machine extremely easy to use and maintain, suitable for medium-small productions.
The bars are loaded by means of an electric winch equipped with steel wire.
A45 manual: with manual positioning of the measuring device.
A45 automatic: with electronic positioning of the measuring device.

Twin-track cutting machine D 50.
Model of greater capacity compared to model A45, equipped with 2 roller tracks, one of which is motorised for transferring the cut bars to the bending units and storage.